The Mesmerizing Moments of Sailing in Croatia

When cruising Croatia, one of the initial choices you should make is – what region should I choose?

Most amateurs sail in Central Dalmatia; this is where you will have access to the best sites. Picture friendly locations like the lavender fields in Hvar, Stari Grad – the most established town in Europe, the blue cave at Biševo/Vis, Zlatni Rat shoreline at Brač, the dazzling fortressed town of Korčula, the blues and greens of Mljet National Park to the glory of Dubrovnik.


A common cruising Croatia schedule goes something like Split – Šolta – Brač – Hvar – Vis – Korčula – Mljet – Elaphiti – Dubrovnik.

Every one of these islands and destinations has various towns, villages and heaven-like bays to tie up. There are some mesmerizing moments, which you will never forget after sailing in Croatia.

Sitting underneath the sails

This is where the distinction between an engine yacht and cruising yacht becomes clear. You will appreciate that minute when you lift the sails and turn the motor off. Instant peacefulness!  Sitting below billowing, full white sails, pitched against a splendid blue sky, viewing the daylight move over the sky-blue Adriatic, framed by islands is a moment that will make your trip in Croatia mesmerizing.


You will only hear the sound of delicately lapping waves against the yacht’s hull and lines musically tapping against the pole, while the sails sing their tune with every breeze – filling and collapsing, driving a heavy yacht along the water easily and elegantly.

In the quick-paced world we live, there are not many times which enable us to sit and be without a huge number of jobs that needs doing, and our brains racing. This is the thing that sailing in Croatia gives, an opportunity to completely unwind and feel at one in our environment, capitulating to nature’s appeal!


A day spent tied down in a bay

Cobblestone lanes well worn by a large number of feet over hundreds of years of history, each town has its remarkable appeal and many twisting back streets to explore. Strolling the lanes at a relaxed pace, to fully take it the sights, sounds and smells of each place. You will take in the proud history and culture of the Croatian people, who are proud to share this with you as a welcome visitor.

It bodes well. Some travel experiences are quite hectic, maybe when you were heel-to-toe with travelers arranging to see Michelangelo’s David in Florence, shopping on Oxford Street in London, dealing in the Bazar in Turkey? The experience of sailing in Croatia with a reputed sailing organization takes relaxation and enjoyment to another level!


No frills cafés

Croatia has an great gastronomy scene, even embraced by Anthony Bourdain in 2012 on his ‘No Reservations’ program about Croatia and its food. It is where you will have the pleasure of tasting  excellent local foods, best wine and perfect cheeses.

Sailing Croatia offers you the ideal approach to explore the coast AND enjoy a portion of Croatia’s best restaurants – a large number of which are only reachable by boat. What better way to arrive and feel special as you take your place at the waterside.

A nice crew

After your trip of sailing you will mention – nature, history, gastronomy… yet, no matter what, you will remember the crew that was with you making possible for you to travel in an eco-friendly way while visiting local places and tasting the local cuisine.

Naleia takes care to make sure you will sail with open, adventurous people like you, and will have people in the crew that you will want to sail with and perhaps become long term friends. We know this is a key part of making the sailing a memorable time and with Naleia, you can expect a wonderful time!

Naleia Yachting is the ideal sailing organization, which make possible for you to have such mesmerizing moments while sailing in Croatia. Check our website or call at +43 681 814 033 13 to book your place on such a trip.

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